M & J Costume Rentals

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Welcome to M & J Costume Rentals!

We specialize in Adult Costumes.


We will be open for October, but by Appointment only. We will be following COVID-19 Guidelines. For More info please click HERE. You still can rent the costume anytime through the month of October and keep them until Nov 2 & 3. The cost of Costumes ranges from $35- $85 plus deposit. 

The cost of rentals includes accessories that goes with the costume. You can add additional accessories to the costume for $5-$10

Steps for appointment

Appointments are for an hour. If you have rented from us before, you know it can take up to an hour and even longer sometimes. The average time is about an hour, that is why I am doing hour appointments. For us to get to everyone this year we need to make sure appointments only last an hour. Here is some steps we can do before the appointment to make things easier for all of us during your Appointment.

1. What costume/s you are interested. (You can look at our pic sample costumes or the list of costumes.) If you are not sure, you are allowed to browse but that would take some of your time.
2. Please know your measurements (hips, waist, length & Chest)
3. If you know what costume you want, let me know and we can have the costume out when you come in. I can always send you a picture before your appointment too.
4. If we do not have the costume there is a few things we can do. You can let me know what kind of costume you would like to have and I can see if I can put one together for you, before our appointment. It you have a picture that you found on-line, that would be helpful too. I can't do exact costume, but I could see if I can put one together that's close to it.
5. I will need to have enough time to find the costume and put one together if I need to build a costume.